Open a hotel with no money

If there is one thing that really annoys me of what I see and hear around Italy in recent years, it is the general climate of distrust that has been created.

Let me be clear, even I live in the real world:  I constantly read the production data of the hotels I follow and I am perfectly aware that we are not in the era of “fat cows”.

But while I understand and accept the complaints of experienced hoteliers who demoralize by comparing today’s data and earnings with those of 20 years ago, I find no justification in the depression of young aspiring hoteliers.

Unfortunately I often meet guys in their 30s who have already accumulated a certain experience, have a great passion for hotels, but have in fact already given up their dreamof starting their own because “they are no longer the times” because “today without money do not go anywhere or because “there are no more margins to do this job” ..

too many young people got screwedSHARE TWEET

The news only talks about bankruptcies and suicides, entrepreneurs complain about the crisis and parents at home indicate the opening of a company as the shortest way to bankruptcy.

If you are in the same situation, I’ll give you three antidotes on the fly to avoid the same end.

  1. Do not watch the news again (today on the internet you can choose YOUR sources of information)
  2. Talk about your projects and compare only with successful entrepreneurs (success = they did it and when they encounter difficulties, they look for a way to overcome them instead of blaming the crisis)
  3. Unless your parents are part of the above category, talk to them about the good memories you have in common, cooking, football, whatever you want, but do not let their fears stifle your plans.

Now, the reason that you pushed me to write today’s article and tell you the story of Joseph is a discussion that I witnessed a few weeks ago on a group fb …

In practice, a guy asked for advice on how to make a business plan and I turned a link to an old article of mine. (if you are interested , find it here )

Up to here everything is ok.

Then he asked me if with a business plan it is possible to borrow money from the banks I simply answered the truth: “yes”.

The reactions that were unleashed under my comment were truly disheartening and unfortunately are a disturbing mirror of the society in which we live today.

It goes from the classic “banks lend money only to those who have” to “remain to be the receptionist and not create mess alone” to  “forget to open a hotel today if you do not want to starve” until you get to “not listen to these charlatans who tell only fairy tales “.

Having overcome the instinct to start a media war , I remained faithful to my principles:

I disabled the notifications to the comment, I closed fb and I went back to work.SHARE THE TWEET

Despite this, I had a little voice inside that did not leave me alone.

Although I am convinced that discussing who is the victim of his wrong beliefs and speaks only by hearsay is a huge waste of time and energy, I could not help but think about the consequences that those comments may have on the future choices of that boy and those like him, want to realize their own entrepreneurial project.

So I decided to do the thing that seems more correct: I thought of a real case of a boy I know (and know that it is not the only one), I called him and asked him if he was willing to share his history with all aspiring hoteliers who need some encouragement.

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